Friday, February 6, 2009

Again, I say, "YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK!"

I just have to tell you how amazing you are. Apparently, according to the word around Greater Europe Mission Headquarters, our Ministry Partnership Development (i.e. Fundraising) has been phenomenal! That is to say, our funds are coming in at a faster rate than average in a weaker-than-average economy. THANK YOU!

God has a plan in France, and God has clearly called us. Not US--the Williamsons. US--YOU and the Williamsons. All of you who pray and give, as well as David and me and Graham and Chandler, and even GEM--we all are partners in the Gospel, joining with God to reach France.

It is a privilege to be on a team with you, each of us playing the position that God chose for us. Please join us is sending up a great big, "Thank you, Lord!" He is the true victor.

1 comment:

  1. Hurray! Hurray! God is wonderful! Can I also feel just a little sad that this means you all will be leaving sooner?
    We need to get in some tea times over the next few months.