Thursday, March 18, 2010

Made with Love

If you are a follower of my reading list, you may have noticed that my book completion rate has slowed over the past couple of weeks. That is because much of my free time has been devoted to the creation of this:

This blanket was made with GREAT joy and anticipation. Each stitch was an unspoken prayer, a silent petition, a desperate plea on behalf of a family in the making. You see the recipient of this blanket is a dear friend who will leave on Friday to pick up the two boys that she and her husband are adopting from Ethiopia. The blanket will be given to the older boy, who is three.

Becoming a matter the a process that God often uses to build our faith and to remind us of how very dependent we are on Him. Watching my friend walk this path towards motherhood has encouraged and blessed me. She has shown tremendous trust and undaunted courage.

Soon (and VERY soon) this family, which God had planned from the beginning of time, will convene in Africa, and then travel home together to Spokane. Parents and children, different in color but united in love. A family knit together by the hands of a mighty God.

*Free pattern may be downloaded here.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jenn! It's beautiful, the heart behind it is beautiful, the story is beautiful! God is so good!

    May he treasure that blanket always as a reminder that he is wrapped in the grace, love, and righteousness of God.