Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guest Author in Honor of Mother's Day

Today I will publish the work of another author. One who wrote the following about me. It was written last week, and it blessed me beyond belief. It's okay if #8 doesn't make sense to you. It's an inside joke.

Mom...Here are 10 reasons why I love and appreciate you:
  1. You are smart
  2. You are the best mother
  3. You loooooooove football
  4. You're a rockin' chick
  5. You are so cool
  6. You are the most awesome mother ever
  7. You care about me
  8. You shout at me when the vacuum breaks
  9. You love me too
  10. You bothered to read this (but you read a book a day, so no problem)
I don't think a teenage boy ever penned something more sweet, profound, and touching than this. May I just share what I LOVE about his list? Ten things! (Hey it wouldn't be Mother's Day if I didn't get the last word!)
  1. He ADMITS that I am smart!
  2. He thinks I am the BEST!
  3. He knows what I looooooooove!
  4. He knows what kind of music I listen to!
  5. He thinks I'm cool (which is not INSTEAD of respecting me, but in addition to it!)
  6. He thinks I am AWESOME--the ultimate teenage compliment.
  7. He knows that I CARE, knowledge that could get lost in our sometimes volatile exchanges.
  8. He forgives me, even laughs at my mothering mistakes
  9. He knows that he is loved.
  10. He inherited my self-deprecating sense of humor.

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