Thursday, July 22, 2010

Greetings from the Atlantic

I was told by many dear friends who have traveled by ship that I need not worry about motion sickness, that I most certainly would not feel a thing. Let me just say that I am quite glad that I have taken Bonine every day, as I definitely CAN feel the movements of the ship and I would surely be ill were it not for my preventative measures. Even so, I find that I walk like a drunken sailor due to the constant rocking of the boat and I have many bumps and bruises for awkwardly wobbling into various stationary items such as deck chairs and railings. It doesn’t help that clumsiness comes naturally for me.

All that aside, the voyage has been absolutely delightful. We sleep in late each morning, eat food fit for kings, and lounge by the pool all afternoon. Yesterday evening we went to a classical guitar concert that thrilled us all. We are looking forward to seeing the Shakespeare play, “The Taming of the Shrew” tomorrow.

Most of our time is spent enjoying each other and our fellow travelers. I met a woman who used to own a book store and chocolate shop in Costa Rica and now aspires to be an author, David met a man who is bicycling around the world for the SECOND time, and we eat dinner each night next to a wonderful British retired couple who have taken more cruises than a navy admiral.

There are many nationalities represented among the passengers, and announcements are made in English, German, French, and Spanish. Nevertheless, my guess is that should a tally be taken, the Brits would outnumber us all. I have daily encounters with the fabulous British sense of humor. (Or should I say “humour?”) My favorite (favourite) was yesterday morning: I was heading to work out and found myself in the elevator with three portly elderly English gentlemen. One asked, “What floor?” so that he could push the button for me, and I replied, “Seven” and then, suddenly uncomfortable with my attire I added, “I am going to the gym.” There was a heavy beat of silence before one of the men said dryly, “I went to the gym once.” and then all three of them burst out laughing. I laughed with them, charmed.

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  1. SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for posting- so happy to hear from you- I woke up this morning and thought about you--still on the ship!!!! Love the adventures you are taking. Love you!