Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hit Me

Okay, friends, I need your help.

I just finished reading The Tangible Kingdom, and my world has officially been rocked. God has turned my head, challenged my thinking, changed my perspective, and expanded my vision. I hope to never be the same again.

In the coming weeks I will continue to process and attempt to flesh out what I have read. In the meantime, I feel like God has given me one very easy action step. A starting point for putting my newfound knowledge in to practice, if you will. You may be underwhelmed the simplicity of my plan, but humor me.

I want to do something nice for the other residents in our apartment building.

That's it.

There are 12 units. I have not formally met any of the residents. I do not know their ages, professions, family sizes, religious background, political views, favorite colors, food allergies, etc. I just know that I live in community with them, and I want to bless them, no strings attached.

Here's where you come in: I need ideas. What should I do? I don't mind if it costs me some time or money. Please, help me out! Brainstorm! No idea is a dumb idea. Hit me with your best shot.


  1. How about the French version of hosting a coffee - no RSVP's needed?

  2. bake some homemade goodies and deliver anonymously (if you like). Pumpkin bread is a favorite this time of year... can you get canned pumpkin? I have a wonderful recipe if you need, no brown sugar required :-)


  3. When a friend was feeling blue, I snuck over to her apartment and pulled out all the dead flowers in a pot outside her door and planted new pretty flowers.

    Oh and chocolate is always good. Since it's October you could do a reversed Trick-or-Treat :D

  4. It might be time to pull out 12 bottles of wine from your native Washington State to share with your neighbors! We all know how much the French love wine and since your language skills are still small wine could be the opportunity to bridge the gap.
    P.S. We love and miss you guys!!!

  5. Maybe open your home for a meet and greet, complete with some of your favorite "American" dishes to share. Good luck!

  6. Ok so in our neighborhood we 'Boo' people. There are a lot of cute poems online and the deal is you leave a haloween type treat on their front stoop, with the Boo instructions and then they in turn will 'boo' someone else. I do not know the halloween customs in France, but you can make it harvesty.

  7. Hey Jenn,

    If you are doing something on your own, I think I could do a coffee with chocolates.

    If you are doing something with the family, how about american cookies (a variety) and tea.

    Now if you are doing this all in French then you might want to do it all at one time a late afternoon party.