Saturday, November 6, 2010


No, I still don't have any pictures hung. But despite our bare walls, I decided to let you see the rest of our apartment. I had to stand in the corner of each room (where the unhung pictures are piled) in order to make it appear as if we have fully moved in.

Here is our cozy living room. The doors open to our small garden, which would be perfect for a small dog, which Graham and I are ready to go get today but which David is not yet convinced we need. David is usually right. But Jack, who has never been an "only pet" does behave as if he needs a little friend. I'm just sayin'!

Here you see our dining room, where the bare walls are so completely blaring I may actually get motivated to hang some pictures today. Or not. Again the doors open to our charming garden.

Our bedroom also has doors that open to a small garden, which is sort of like a back yard. A teeny tiny back yard. But a big enough back yard for a teeny tiny dog. By the way, if one were to be in the market for a small dog, what breed might you suggest to such a person? Not that I'm looking.

This is our laundry room, which is amazingly large considering the fact that our entire apartment consists 800 square feet. I love this space--we have room to store luggage, a place for the vacuum cleaner, and even a spot for Jack's litter. It's not pretty, but I can't imagine life without it.

I still have not shown you the boy's room (they were still sleeping when I took the rest of the pictures), our dressing room (imagine sharing a closet--with THREE boys) or our bathroom--which is actually two rooms because in France the toilet always gets its own room. It's no castle, but it almost feels like home to me. All it needs is a little dog.


  1. Is this what is meant by "the dog days of summer"? Pekinese.

  2. I love our neighbor's malti-poo. Love your apartment, too!

  3. Thank you for posting- I am so happy to see your home!