Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Good News: 2 more days of school and then we will officially be on our Christmas break!

Bad News: This week we have finals. We have already taken exams in grammar, written expression, written comprehension, and oral comprehension. We have the oral expression exam tomorrow. In college we called this "dead" week, and "dead" is a pretty accurate description of how I feel just about now.

Good News: One of the tests has already been graded... the grammar test...and I got 96/100!

Bad News: I can diagram/conjugate/analyze French sentences much better than I can speak them.

Good News: Tis the season of peppermint bark!

Bad News: I cannot find a single Candy Cane ANYWHERE! How in the world am I supposed to make peppermint bark without candy canes?

Good News: I have baked Christmas cookies, ginger snaps, and snickerdoodles to satisfy our holiday hankerings.

Bad News: There is no substitute for peppermint bark.

Good News: I regularly receive e-mails in French. This is good news because it means that we are actually beginning to have a LIFE here. And so far, none of the French e-mails have been junk mail.

Bad News: Sometimes I don't fully understand the e-mails that I receive in French.

Good News: Last weekend, between warm-ups, rehearsals, and our actual concerts, David and I had some time to get better acquainted with the other choristers. We have been really hoping to make friends with our fellow "Villains."

Bad News: We were so stinking tired from the concerts and prepping for our final exams that we missed choir practice on Monday night. (Aside: Seriously, who rehearses the day AFTER two back to back concerts, anyways? Les Villains de Massy, that's who. They are singing maniacs!)

Good News: Today I received an e-mail (in French) from a couple who sings in our choir. They have invited us to their house for dinner on Saturday night. Truly, it was one of my happiest moments thus far in France.

Good News: We can go!

Bad News: I did not start my Christmas shopping until today. Nor have I started a Christmas letter. Nor do we have a Christmas Tree.

Good News: I finished my Christmas shopping today.

Bad News: Still no letter and no tree.

Good News: We are generally optimistic about our first Christmas abroad.

Bad News: We had a family "melt-down" on Monday, during which I said a lot of ugly things. I was sure that Christmas was ruined.

Good News: We were all over it by Monday night. Grace is a very good thing.

Bad News: We are still a bit lonely.

Good News: We are having a Christmas Party for our class on Friday. Many of them are a bit lonely too. Hoping to bless, encourage, and love on those who are far from ALL family. At least we have each other--some of our classmates are single women who will not be going home for Christmas.

Bad News: We won't have a Christmas tree for the party. Well truthfully, I have three small fake ones up, but I mean we won't have a REAL Christmas tree.

Good News: We won't have a Christmas tree for the party. Which means there may actually be enough room for all the people that we have invited. Truly, we do not have a place to put a Christmas tree. BUT, next time I am apartment hunting in France, a place for a Christmas tree will be on my list of non-negotiables.

Bad News: Graham is sick AGAIN.

Good News: The rest of us seem to be avoiding the bug this time.

Bad News: We seem to be allergic to every laundry detergent that we have tried in France. I miss TIDE.

Good News: We have not run out of options for laundry detergent yet. Bought a new kind today. Here's hoping.

Bad News: It is getting late, and seeing as I have a test tomorrow, I best get to bed.

Good News: I have been sleeping soundly ALL week, except for last night, when I had a dream that Chandler was being deported.

So, what's your news?

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