Friday, May 8, 2015

Anyone Out There...

For anyone out there who keeps up on my reading list and thinks that perhaps I may have given up reading books in 2015, rest assured I have finally updated the page. Besides noticing the many amazing books that I have been reading for seminary, you will notice an obsession with the Masie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. These are detective novels set in post WWI England, and they are total book candy. Nothing challenging, but highly entertaining, they provide light-hearted study breaks from my intelectually stimulating course reading.

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For anyone out there who still doesn't know where we are moving this summer, let me enlighten you. Destination: Lyon! We are very excited to be joining a church planting team that will plant in the center of Old Lyon.

For anyone out there who wonders if I ever indugle in the delectable delicacies found in French bakeries, let me assure you, I do. Though not often, because, well, who can stand the calories? But every now and then a splurge is in order. Last week I enjoyed a variety of macarons. Strawberry, coffee, pistaccio, and vanilla were among the mix.

For anyone out there who needs to know how to renew a passport when living in France, I feel your pain. I sent mine off two weeks ago because it was due to expire June 1 and I need to travel to Poland May 19-June 4. They said it should take 10-14 days, but what I forgot to take into account is that every-stinking-other- day in the month of May is a HOLIDAY in France. There are more holidays that working days, and I am starting to get concerned that I may not have my new passport in time!

For anyone out there who wants to know where I've been spending my creative energy this week, I'm working on a project that Chandler calls "Hobbes 2.0." I made a Hobbes for Graham for Christmas, and Chandler is laying claim to this little guy.

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