Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Outreach in Old Lyon

All of the evangelical churches of Lyon are working together in a two-week long initiative called "Un Coeur pour Lyon" (A heart for Lyon) in an effort to touch the people of our city with the love of God. As part of the initiative, our church plant hosted an event on Sunday for families in our neighborhood. It was so much fun!

We had a workshop where children could make mosaics from painted eggshells. Parents sat and visited with us while their kids created mini-masterpieces. It was our first official outreach activity as a church, and we really enjoyed getting to know more people in our neighborhood.

David and another church member made balloon swords and balloon animals, much to the delight of many littles. Adults were invited to write messages on postcards, and then attach the postcards to helium balloons to send off to unknown recipients. People wrote simple words of encouragement such as "you are beautiful" and "you are loved" and then released their words to wherever the winds might take them.

We served homemade cakes and cookies, and as people enjoyed the goodies we shared a bit of our vision for the neighborhood. We also handed out invitations to evangelistic events (similar to a Billy Graham crusade) that will be held next weekend in a large stadium in Lyon. 

 It was pure joy to be out in the sun sharing the love of the Son with the people in our quartier. And it was a geuine team effort--with new members of our tiny church plant taking the lead in planning and executing the endeavor. This is what it means to BE the church. We look forward to doing similar events in the future. 

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