Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to my Whirlwind

In the past week:

David lost his job.

My parents came to visit.

Chandler performed in three productions of a musical.

Graham and Chandler did major science projects.

I asked for a leave of absence from my job.

We signed up for a seven week Cultural Integration Training school that begins a week from today.

We bought airline tickets to North Carolina.

We put our house on the market.

We planted a garden.

David, Graham and Chandler departed for four days in Western WA.

Our dog had diarrhea. In the house. In the freshly cleaned, just-on-the-market house.

I wrote 17 thank-you notes to 17 amazing Bible Study leaders.

When I have a moment to sit still I make additions to the ever-growing to-do list, which includes things like ordering prescription drugs that I need in order to be gone for seven weeks, finding a friend to send us our mail while we are gone, figuring out what to do with our cats for the summer, procuring a car-top carrier, cancelling hair and dental appointments that we won't be around to keep, finishing a grant that I am in the midst of writing, and ordering a new stove burner (since one conveniently went out the day the house went on the market).

It seems there are a few loose ends that one must tie up before leaving home for seven weeks. Having to tie them all up in less than a week only adds to the fun.

Am I stressed? Oh, a little.
Am I worried? Not a bit.
Am I happy? Absolutely.
Am I tired? Pooped!

I am living in a whirlwind, going mach 10 with my hair on fire. THIS is the life!!! Bring it on!

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