Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why We Went to Washington D.C.

The Top Ten Reasons we visited our Nation's Capitol Last Weekend:

  1. Our home in North Carolina is only 485 miles from D.C.--much closer than our home in Spangle.

  2. D.C. is one of my all-time FAVORITE places.

  3. The boys' class took a trip there last January and we could not afford to send them, so we promised them that we would take them during our time at CIT.

  4. History abounds

  5. Freedom is celebrated

  6. Memorials remind us of the great sacrifices that were made for that freedom to be possible.

  7. Museums feed the mind and imagination

  8. 20 hours in the car test the love and patience of our family

  9. Great photo ops.

  10. To see my dear niece who lives there!

The Panda Bear is named Bonsai. He was Chandler's souvenir from the zoo, and is already just like one of the family.

My next post will be about the training we are receiving in Second Language Acquisition...so much fun!


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  2. i like washington dc to im going there for my first time in about 3 weeks and from the way you make it seem its going to be really fun

  3. Awesome! Hope you guys had a great time! Did you guys get to visit any of the Smithsonians? I'm betting that cousin of ours Kabara is a certified tour guide by now, yeah?

    --Cousin Ben