Saturday, August 1, 2009


Remember this? This is how my hand looked two days after I sustained a football injury:

Five weeks later, my fingers are still hurting and swollen. So, since I had to go the the doctor yesterday to get my thyroid levels checked, I off-handedly mentioned my injured fingers. I got sent straight to x-ray, and found out that BOTH the index and ring fingers are broken, with bone fragments milling around where they ought not to be. Hmmmm. No wonder they still hurt.

Since I waited so long, the bones may not heal correctly with just splinting, and the word "surgery" was being thrown around. Next week I will see a hand specialist. Please pray for total healing. This injury could not only end my football career, it could seriously limit my water skiing and knitting endeavors!


  1. O dear! Ouch! That's awful that they've been broken this whole time... Praying that they will heal (without surgery!). Love u!

  2. I've been curious, how did you manage to break them in that pattern? How did you miss that middle finger? Very interesting!

  3. Hey Jenn! I have been missing you. I just went on your blog to check on you and see how you guys have been doing since you left CIT, and I saw this awful post...I am sooo sorry to hear this news that your fingers have been broken this whole time :( I know you must have been in a lot of pain. And the amazing thing is that you did not even complain that much about it - wow, you are tough and brave. I just went on a walk around the cemetery (or the "CIT" track for a happier name) and prayed for you and your family as I walked. It's not near as fun walking there without you, by the way. I do pray that your fingers heal quickly and well (through God's miraculous touch) and that the Lord continues to bless David's efforts and bring on the rest of your support team. I am praying the 40/40 for you guys!
    CIT has gotten awfully "quiet" after another wave of students left. It was so quiet this w-e with only two families around the Boyer (two others had left just for the w-e), it was quite "depressing". I miss all those who have left so much!
    I need to go for now... I know you are enjoying being back in your home, with your boys, your garden, etc. I can't wait to hear more on how life has been up there since you left NC. I can't wait to see what God does in your lives this summer and fall...
    Let's keep in touch!