Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loving the Olympics

I LOVE the Olympics. Truly I do. But may I just say that I find it very difficult to take a sport seriously when it has a key element called a "twizzle" section? This simply should not be. Other than my issue with the so-called "sport" of Ice Dancing, I have found myself completely captivated with all of the events in Vancouver. Biathlon? Awesome! Moguls? Sweeeeeet! Snow Board Cross? Cool! Speed Skating? Slick! I even like watching Curling. Half-Pipe totally rocks my world. And don't even get me started on the Alpine events! I'm addicted. I can't get enough. I have just one complaint. Why, oh why, when the Olympics are finally being held in my very own time zone must I watch tape-delayed events into the wee hours of the night? So. Not. Fair.

While our whole family has been glued to the T.V. since the Opening Ceremonies began, our lives have not been at a constant stand-still. Chandler is spending his afternoons in play rehearsals, having landed the role of Long John Silver in his school's production of Treasure Island. Graham is busy trying to get an audition for the Junior High Worship Band at church. David is planning our spring break trip to the French Consulate in San Francisco, where we all must go to apply for long-term visas. And I am preparing for a whirlwind fundraising tour of the great state of Texas which may require me to do a twizzle section of my own. Never a dull moment in the Williamson household.

Many thoughts are swirling for future blog topics, including Tiger Woods, Tarte aux Pomme, my latest crochet project, our still unaccounted-for Compassion child in Haiti, Bach on electric guitars, and Olympic Fashion Faux Pas. I'll probably choose the one that allows me to use the word "twizzle" the most.

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