Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Enjoying the Ride

The whirlwind has officially begun--we are in full-fledged "transition mode."

Our house is teetering on the edge of livability as preparations for packing progress. On Monday movers will box our belongings and on Tuesday they will be loaded into a shipping container. On Wednesday we will deep clean an empty house in preparation for renters who will move in on Thursday.

In the meantime, a blue Rubbermaid container in which we store all of our over-the-counter drugs and first-aid supplies has mysteriously gone missing in the mayhem. Fortunately, no one has needed Bandaids, Rolaids, or Advil. Still, it would be nice to find before we go.

We are down to one pet, and he is dealing with the chaos by sulking. Jack is constantly searching (in vain) for his furry friends who are now living with other families. How we wish that we could explain all of this craziness to him! Poor kitty.

Ordinary chores have become burdensome; for example, I am reluctant to buy groceries at this stage, but the food that remains in our house makes for creative meal planning. We had pie for dinner last night. Tonight I will try to figure out what can be made with two onions, a can of sweetened condensed milk, and half a box of Cheerios. And then there's laundry! I have completely run out of dryer sheets and I am unwilling to buy any more with less than a week to go in this house. Static-cling is our "in-transition-fashion-statement."

We are trying to be intentional with how we spend our days. It is tempting to give every free moment to those we will be leaving behind; at the same time, we all seem to sense a need to nurture and invest in the relationships that we will be taking to France: Husband and wife. Father and sons. Brothers. And most importantly, our relationship with God needs dedicated time and attention each day. We are in this together, and we need each other in the midst of the process.

The to-do list is shrinking for this side of the pond, but growing for the other side. Accounts have been closed, final bills are getting paid, stuff has been sorted, friends have been celebrated, rest is mandated, and joy is anticipated. We are actually enjoying the ride.

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