Monday, June 7, 2010


Do you have questions?

Well if you want to know why Hawaiian restaurants in Spokane serve macaroni salad on the side, I can't help you. If you want to know why Ann Curry wears Jedi-inspired fashions, I'm not your girl. If you want to know how to make the cute little sunshine symbol in your Facebook status update, you'll have to look somewhere else. But if you want to know some details about our move to France, THIS is your lucky day!

"What are you doing with your house?"
I am so glad you asked! Sometimes God lets things be hard, and we struggle; but, we learn things like trust and patience and perseverance. And sometimes God lets things be easy, and we remember that He is, indeed, both sovereign and good.

David and I originally thought that selling our beloved home made the most sense. But when we went to put the house back on the market after the holidays, neither of us had any peace about it. We had all of the papers from the Realtor, who would put a sign in our yard the moment she received our documents. But we hesitated. Days went by. Then weeks. People were asking if the house was on the market. We would say, "no" but have no good reason why were not moving forward, except that peace-thing, which was missing.

Then one day, about a month ago, one of the children's pastors at our church approached me while we were at work and asked about our house. It seems that he and his wife and three young sons had outgrown their small apartment and were hoping to find a house to rent out in the country. They came and looked at our house (they loved it), they agreed to a four-year lease (the exact amount of time that we will be in France for our first term), they wanted to move in the day after we wanted to move out (July 1), and both families saw the good and sovereign hand of God at work.

"What are you doing with your car?"
Freely, freely, we have received. So freely, freely we are blessed to give. Our 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer wagon, which has 150,000 miles but has NEVER given us a lick of trouble, is being given to some friends who recently adopted 2 little boys from Ethiopia. This way,we can drive it right up until the day we leave, and then pass it on to a family that has just moved into the "family car" stage of life.

"What about your cats?"
We have two kitties that we LOVE. The grey tabby, Josie, is a skittish, anxious feline. We are convinced that a transatlantic flight would be horrifically devastating to Josie, so one of the boys' teachers from Southside (the teacher who kept both of our cats last summer when we went to CIT) is going to adopt Josie. Their family loves her and will take good care of her.

Our orange tabby, Jack, is a gregarious, unflappable fellow. We think he will tolerate the trip to France. So we are leaving Jack at my mom and dad's house until we are settled, and then they will send him to us. He will become Jacques la Chat, and he will learn to meow in French ("le mew, le mew").

What other questions do you have? I mean other than, "How do you pour milk from the new Costco milk containers without spilling?"--because I still can't figure that one out.


  1. And why aren't those Costco milk containers recyclable?

    BTW: I don't have an exact answer, except the Hawaiians eat mac salad with every "plate lunch"...entre, 2 scoops (which is rice) and mac salad. Just tradition, and starch lovers, I guess.

  2. Jennifer, I am so excited for you and that this is finally all coming together. I am praying for peace, for a since of place and a love for the people of France. I am praying that you find your place and that God blesses your ministry. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Thanks for trusting us with your kitty! We are excited for her to be a part of the family. We haven't really seen her yet, except while she's crouched in a corner under the bed. Tristen is thrilled to have her, and of course, is sad that Jack gets to go with. Once he saw the picture of the cats on the blog, he immediately had me print it off. We are looking forward to the day Josie and Thor are curled up together like Jack & Josie. Take care. Enjoy France.