Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nurse it or Nuke it?

The flesh dies slowly.

I want to live by the Spirit. Really, I do. But the flesh cries out, and I cave.

Its the little, everyday things that trip me up--like when someone cleans the entire kitchen but forgets to wipe down the stove, and I feel irritated by what was left undone rather than feeling grateful for what was done.

When that first wave of irritation washes over me, I have a choice to make: Nurse it or Nuke it.

Nursing it goes like this:
"Look at that mess! Why am I the only one who EVER wipes down the stove? Poor me. Does he think that fairies come along and finish the job? Humph!"

Nuking it goes like this:
"I am so thankful that someone else cleaned the kitchen." (wipe down stove). "I have such a hard-working husband." (acknowledge to myself that the task at hand took less than 30 seconds of my time) "I want to find a way to bless that wonderful husband of mine." (resolve NEVER to mention that the stove had been overlooked in his cleaning efforts) "Thank you, Jesus, for overlooking so many of my shortcomings. Forgive my petty thoughts about the cleaning of the stove and help me to be truly grateful." (immediately go and tell David how much I appreciate that he cleaned the kitchen)

When I "nurse it," I'm miserable for hours. When I "nuke it," I'm almost immediately filled with genuine joy!

Yet, I often choose to "nurse it."


The flesh dies slowly.


  1. This is perfect. Thanks for posting. I had to laugh at your example about wiping off the stove because it's SO true! I was just doing the same thing not 15 minutes ago.

    I am determined to be more thankful for the things people do for me- especially the Lord. Thanks for the reminder.

    Rebecca =)

  2. Thank you, Jen, for continuing to be transparent. After a horrendous afternoon with first graders yesterday I was in the flesh-you reminded me of the blessings God gave in spite of my flesh.
    God bless!

  3. Nuke means you are being laser-focused upon using God's Word. Thanks for the reminder!