Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ten Totally Trivial Tidbits

1. Last week I got my hair cut! It is super short, incredibly easy, and kind of fun!

2. Tomorrow David and I have to speak at a church in a village that is about an hour away. We will be there representing the Church¨Planting Training Center, and our goal is to raise awareness of the need for more churches in France and to recruit church planters. We are really nervous because all of this has to be done in French

3. I still have Christmas Cards hanging up in our hall way. I can't bring myself to take them down because your smiling faces and warm wishes make me really happy!

4. Graham and Chandler have started doing a rigorous exercise program called P90X. They are doing it with a friend, and after the first week, they are feeling a little sore. Buff, but sore.

5. We had to buy two new tires for our car yesterday.

6. Just read a great book called, Why Not Women by Loren Cunningham and David Joel Hamilton. I found it very insightful and refreshing.

7. I have begun the application process to Liberty University to get my Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry. I can complete the program entirely on-line.

8. The Hunger Games, a book that David, Chandler and I have read, has been made into a movie and it opens on March 21 in France --which is two days BEFORE it opens in the States. We hope to go and see it!

9. Gemma got her  final round of puppy vaccinations yesterday, and we really like the woman who is our new vet. Gemma was declared "sage" which is the word the French use for well-behaved children and animals. She really was a good girl, and if she were a human, I'm sure she would have gotten a lollipop!

10. My new favorite cheese is called, "Fiouve" and it is the non-pasteurized version of "Morbier."