Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Small thing

I'm kind of going through a dry-spell in my walk with the Lord.

So yesterday I prayed, "Lord, it would be really great if you showed up today--if you just did some small thing to let me know that you have not completely forgotten me. Please!"

That afternoon we had to run to the store to get some school supplies for Chandler. When we got to the car, David noticed that it was unlocked. My bad--I failed to lock it when I came home from my knitting group the day before. As we opened the doors, we realized that someone had been rummaging through things, and that our GPS was gone. David looked in the back and noted that our CD collection--a case with 400 CDs in it-- was also missing.

I thought back to my prayer. I did not feel the divine hand of love and protection.

David called our insurance company and learned that since the car was unlocked the stolen items were not covered by insurance.

I thought back to my prayer. I did not see the goodness of God.

David went down to the police station and filed a report. They took all of our information but they did not seem hopeful that anything would be found.

I thought back to my prayer. I hadn't asked for much. I'd have been happy with an encouraging word, a friendly phone call, or a simple e-mail from a supporter. Instead, I got the joy of being robbed along with the knowledge that it was my own fault for leaving the car unlocked.

Ten minutes after David got home from the police station, the phone rang. They thought they had recovered our CDs, could David come and identify them? Sure enough, they had found our CDs! But they could not yet release them because they had paperwork to do. David returned home, encouraged.

Ten minutes later the phone rang. They thought they had recovered our GPS, could David bring down the serial number to verify that it was ours? Sure enough they had found our GPS!

I thought back to my prayer. Yes, I know that the recovery of a GPS and a few antiquated CDs is a small thing. It's a small thing. But isn't that exactly what I asked for?

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