Saturday, September 1, 2012

ZooParc de Beauval

We are zoo people. We LOVE animals and we LOVE zoos!

So you can imagine just how thrilled we were to discover that the 15th BEST ZOO in the WORLD (yes, the WORLD!) is just 30 minutes from our house. We spent the day there yesterday, and we were not disappointed.

The Zoo in Beauval has 4,600 animals. 

The animals come from all corners of the earth.

The zoo was very well laid out and habitats were beautiful! Heck, I'd move in if they'd let me!

They had a fantastic bird and sea lion show which was completely packed out.

Isn't this sea lion (named King) amazing?

Beautiful birds were everywhere!


And for the first time in my life, I saw a real live koala bear! Actually I saw 5. Did you know that they eat about 40 different varieties of eucalyptus? They have to order eucalyptus bouquets every week for these cuties.

The Lion and Lioness were having an afternoon snuggle.

But my favorite part of this zoo was all the BABY animals; They have over 300 births a year at Beauval, and we saw babies of several species! There was a joey!

A baby elephant!

A baby gorilla on his mama's back!

And several species of baby monkeys!

I look forward to going to the ZooParc again. 

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