Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Baby Blanket

I had so much fun making this baby blanket for a friend. The pattern was free, and you can find it here.

A quilter once gave me some interesting advice, which I applied when choosing these colors. She insisted that you should choose mostly colors that you LOVE, but always add some colors that you HATE. This produces a blanket that has rich harmonies, rather than a blanket that is monotone. It is so hard for me to choose colors that I don't like, but I do think that the quilter was right. I love all of the colors in this blanket, except the yellow and the mauve. But crocheted together with the other colors, the end result is rich. I think there is a life lesson in there somewhere....

I had just enough yarn left over to make a hat. After looking at all sorts of flowery, girly patterns, I ended up choosing this silly thing. Because every girl needs a little whimsy in her wardrobe. This, too, was a free pattern. You can find it here.

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