Monday, October 1, 2012


Every now and then, we get these amazing reminders of why we are here. Yesterday was just that sort of day. The church was packed, as friends and family members came to show their support for Carole, Jerôme, and Samia--the three who would share their testimonies. After hearing their stories and praying for each one, the we all loaded into cars and drove to a nearby lake, where the baptisms would take place.

Samia was baptized by her husband, Renel and my dear friend, Christine. Graham has been in a small group with Renel over the past year and prayed for Samia. What a joy to see her come to faith! Christine was in my small group, and she is currently discipling Samia.

Last summer we arrived in Loches just in time to see a teenager named Héloise get baptized. Yesterday, her mother, Carole took the plunge. Carole was baptized by our pastor, Raphaël and our friend and colleague, Becca.

And this is Jerôme! Jerôme came to faith  last spring (he can tell you the exact day and hour!) after  being befriended by many in our community. He was baptized by Hélène--the university student that  told him the plan of salvation, and  Raphaël, a colleague who has been discipling him.

After the baptisms we had a barbecue at the park. It was like a great big family celebration. 

What joy to be a part of this community of faith. We are truly, truly thankful.