Monday, December 3, 2012

Ooooh là là !

As they say in France, "Ooooh là là !" Boy, do I have a lot to tell you!

Today the rain is pouring down, David is sick in bed, my dear in-laws have begun their long voyage back to the States, and I am trying to get my brain around what God is doing here in Loches.

Last week we had a television film crew with us--"us" being the church. They are doing a special report on Protestantism in France, and our little church was chosen as the focal point of this special. The two-woman team of journalist and videographer filmed everything from our church planting training class to an evening prayer time to our Sunday service. They did interviews with our pastor, with our colleagues, with various church members, and even with the mayor of our town. Will you pray first of all for the two women who are making this news report--they heard and saw the Gospel this week, and they were clearly moved by what God is doing among us. Pray that this experience will lead each of them into a personal relationship with Jesus. And secondly, please pray for this news report, which will air at the end of January. Pray that people all across our region of France will be drawn to salvation!

Last week we also had the joy of welcoming a new brother in Christ into our church family. For almost a year we have been praying for this amazingly NICE single guy who lives just around the corner from the church. After being befriended by some people in our community of believers, he started coming to worship services. In the fall he agreed to do a weekly Bible Study with  our pastor. Last Monday night he finally made the decision to follow Jesus! Every time someone comes to faith, I get overwhelmed with gratitude. God is undeniably good! But wouldn't you know it--the rest of the week was fraught with challenges for this new believer! Yesterday he totaled his car in a freak accident. Please pray for Didier (not his real name!)-- that he would not be dismayed by the difficulties of life. Pray for divine protection over his fledgling faith!

Finally, the spiritual warfare has been a-raging this week. I know. Why am I surprised? Still, after 15 months in Loches with out any major attacks, TWICE in the past week I have been asked to pray with/for people who needed deliverance of some sort. The two instances were completely different and totally unrelated. But seriously--nothing for 15 months, and then TWO doozies in a week?!?!  We need your prayers! And so I invite you to suit up in your spiritual armor and join us in the battle. Major strongholds are coming down in this little village, and the Spirit of God is obviously on the move. Its exciting, and in all things, our Jesus is victorious!

To Him be ALL the glory!

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