Saturday, December 29, 2012

Resolutions, Anyone?

Well, my friends, it is that time of year when it just feels right to set some new goals, to revisit dormant dreams, and see if the needle on the scale needs some adjusting. Yes, I am talking about the much anticipated but seldom achieved New Year's Resolutions.

Oh no, of course I am not talking about YOU!

And honestly, I typically try to avoid the "resolution" band-wagon, reasoning that If I want to set a goal, the calendar does not need to dictate WHEN I do it.

On the other hand, I DO like goals, and I have had the sense that the Lord is giving me both the inspiration and the motivation to enjoy the blessings of some increased discipline in my life. NO, that was not written with a sarcastic tone! I really do believe that tremendous JOY and fantastic freedom are found in the form of godly disciplines--when they are done in His strength and for His glory.

Therefore, I, Jennifer Ann Williamson, do hereby resolve to (with God's help!):
  1. Memorize one scripture verse in FRENCH every week of 2013.
  2. Eat healthier (less sugar and caffeine, more fruits and veg) and continue exercising 5 days a week. (Lord willing this will result in the loss of 5-10 unwanted kilos!)
That's it. Two simple New Year's resolutions for me. And you have my permission to hold me accountable!

How about you? 


  1. If you tell me what verses you memorize in French, I will try to memorize them in English. I really need to have a goal for memorization, and this could be my 2013 Resolution!

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    May I ask which translation you like to use for your memorization? I try to memorize my verses both in English and in French; I usually use the NIV for English, but I have used a variety of French translations in the past, varying from Louis Segond to Colombe or BFC to PDV, etc. Because I'm trying to learn French, I really would like to memorize in a translation that is colloquial but not far off base from the original language and meaning. What would you recommend?

  3. Hi Janet, I use Segond 21 to memorize in French!

    Hi Dad, I will post the verses on the sidebar of my blog--I'd love it if you join me.

  4. 52 verses... You could memorize an entire book of the bible (or 2 even) depending on what you select. :-)