Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Beginning of the Bac

Remember the SAT?

Now imagine if it didn't only have English and Math sections, but chemistry, biology, history, and TWO foreign languages. Then imagine taking that test in a language other than English.


THAT is what Chandler began today. He is the French equivalent of a Junior in High School, and he was required to take the French Written section of his Baccalaureate Exam today. On July 1 he will take his French Oral exam. Next year he will test in all of the other subjects. Grades do not matter when it comes to earning a High School diploma (Baccalaureate) in France, one MUST achieve a certain combined score on his final exams. 

This morning, as I got ready to drive Chandler to his exam, I wanted to tell him how proud I was of him. So I looked him in the eye, and started to speak, but I got totally choked up. What that boy has accomplished in these four years in France is impressive. He's virtually mastered a second language! But even more impressive is the spirit with which he's achieved this lofty goal. Chandler has been a picture of perseverance, faithfulness, and optimism. He has been tenacious but kind, dogged but hopeful. 

The results matter. This test will affect his future. But the most important results have already been determined. Chandler is an over-comer. 


  1. Hooray for Chandler! Amazing! And handsome!

  2. Super report. Tears of joy, pride, and congratulations to mom and Chandler!

  3. Slow clap for Chandler! I can imagine how difficult and intimidating that is. He's definitely an overcomer!