Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Well, friends, it seems most of my writing energy is going into my course work! The sad thing is, I really have a lot I want to share with you, but I am simply not finding enough hours in the day. This has been a bit of a busier week for a couple of reasons. One, my main squeeze in the States, which means it's all up to me to keep the home fires burning. Chan is pitching in where he can, but he is swamped himself! Second, I've been teaching hermeneutics every morning this week to a group of budding French preachers, which leaves only the afternoons to get everything else done. Third, I'm trying to get a bit ahead in my studies so that I can steal away to Paris for the weekend. My sister is going to be there for just a couple of days, and I want to get to see her!

All of that to say, blogging is on the back-burner this week!

Oh, but if I had time to blog I'd wax poetically about one of the apostles' prayers in the book of Acts, I whine about a certain ecclesiology textbook (it's not that I can't understand it, it's that I can't understand why the author says things in such complicated ways!), I'd share some photos from David and Graham's trip to Montana, or I'd tell you about some of the things that are getting discussed in my classes.

Alas, I've got to get back to my reading Not that reading is a chore! Oh no. I'm loving every minute of it.

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