Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seminary Week 1

Ooooh là là.

I love seminary.

I love it so much I could marry it. Except I'm already married.

But with David and Graham in the States and Chandler back in school, seminary sort of feels like my one constant companion. Well, I mean seminary and Jesus, of course. And not necessarily in that order.

Since this was the first week, the course load was fairly light, but I still used all of the time that I had allotted for my studies. This enabled me to get a little ahead on some of my reading, which will help me to keep my head above water during those weeks when both school and ministry are full time endeavors.

Three out of four of the assigned books that I began reading this week are books that I would have read for pleasure. The fourth book, which is an overview of Ecclesiology, is a bit more technical and uses big ten-dollar words. Nevertheless, I find the content interesting and I am definitely learning from it.

The biggest challenge so far was having to wake up twice this week at 2 a.m. France time for introductory classes by video conference. Fortunately, these video conferences only happen once a semester.

The best thing has been realizing how much fun seminary is. I get to read good books and then write responses to them (which I love). Then I get to read how others have responded to the same books (which greatly enhances my understanding and increases my appreciation of the reading). And finally  I get to consider how what I read impacts my life and ministry (which I need). I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Next week things get a bit more intense. I'll be starting inductive Bible Studies in the book of Genesis, synthesizing my thoughts on some chapters from the book on Ecclesiology, which frankly, I'm not sure I even understand, and meeting with my coach for my Internship class. But I'm totally into it, and loving every minute, even the ones that leave me cross-eyed and scratching my head!

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