Friday, January 2, 2009


I am so excited that I have finally learned to knit! A dear friend taught me the basics this past October, but up until now I haven't actually made anything. I have just practiced knitting and purling, knitting and purling, knitting and purling.

Another friend, hearing of my new found hobby, gave me some knitting magazines with patterns in them for Christmas. So last week I made a washcloth, which was my first attempt at following a knitting pattern. I used some old yarn that I had lying around the house and had fun figuring out (with my visiting mother's help) how to follow the directions to produce this waffle pattern:

Now, feeling some small level of success with the washcloth, I have decided to tackle a scarf project. I love the colors in this yarn, and it is 50% wool and 50% acrylic, which makes it very easy to work with, but not too scratchy.

Here is a close-up of the stitches. It is a very basic pattern, since I am just a beginner!

For my friends who knit, I am adding a gadget on the sidebar where I will post pictures of my current knitting projects throughout the year. I hope that I will be able to attempt more complicated patterns as my skills progress.

Who knew I would love to knit? I guess it's because I am becoming more like Jesus every day. After all, everyone knows that He is a knitter:

You knit me together in my mother's womb. Psalm 130:13b

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  1. i just restarted my scarf (my first project) from last summer last night. i am a beginner too but not as good a beginner as you aparently, your looks professional. Now i'm even more motivated to keep going and finish this first project and try some other new things too.