Thursday, January 22, 2009

This and That

In modern slang, something really super cool is called "sick." Today David is sick, and let me just tell you, it is NOT really super cool. Be thankful that you are on that side of the computer, because I think I risked my life sharing a bed with my sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching stuffy-head, fevered husband.

On a lighter note, I have recently started using eye-cream. At what age does a woman begin this daily regimen? For me it was the year that some girlfriends decided to GIVE me eye-cream for Christmas. Subtle hint? Perhaps. But I LOVE it. Eye-cream is my newest passion. It smells slightly medicinal, it feels soft as silk. I use it religiously.

By the by, how often should a family have a family portrait made? Taking photos for our family has not gotten better as the boys have gotten older. I still must drag all three of them kicking and screaming, throw in a bribe or two, and reward them with food. So I avoid this ritual like the plague. But someday, will I regret not having more family pictures? Should we endure the torture annually? Every other year? Truly, I need to know.

And as the Oscar nominations were announced today I realized that I must be the most out-of-it person on the planet. I have not seen ANY of the movies that were nominated. Not ONE. This should not surprise me, since I think that the last movie I saw in the theaters was Alvin and the Chipmunks---which, to my knowledge, did not win any awards (though I found it totally entertaining). I am just about to give up on Hollywood altogether. I can't even go in to a regular video store without feeling like I have somehow compromised my integrity. Sad. I used to love going to movies. Over the past few years the entertainment industry has gotten looser in their moral standards, and while I did not intend to get stricter in mine, I have lost all tolerance for filth. As Graham used to say when he was a toddler, "I can't like it."

I finished my knitted bag, but I don't think it felted like it was supposed to. I washed it three times in the hottest water possible, but the fibers didn't meld together like I thought they would. Does anyone know what I might have done wrong? It is still cute, but it doesn't look like the pattern picture. I have so much to learn!

We have snow in our forecast for the weekend. I'm ready for a fresh coat.


  1. One internet source said you keep washing it til it looks like you want it to. What does your yarn shop say? I've never felted anything before, I've just read about it a bit.
    The purse is great! Good job!
    love you, keri

  2. When I went on the Lion Brand website they said putting a little baking soda in the wash would help. It also said if it was fully felted you wouldn't be able to see all the individual stitches but it was OK to not be fully felted. It is personal preference.
    I think the bag looks cute! One I made wasn't fully felted the first time so I did it again and it came out better. I was amazed though that the handles I cut in mine didn't unravel the second washing.
    How often do you want to pay for family pictures? Has your family changed much since you did the last one? I'm happy looking at my girl's senior pictures on the wall. They are beautiful after all.

  3. Thanks for your hints, Carol and Keri! Do you think I can wash it some more even though I have already atached the handles? The instructions said to felt it before assembly.

  4. So, you've washed it in a hot wash cycle and cold rinse with baking soda and a few other clothes? I would think it wouldn't hurt to run it through again. I've read to check it at the end of the hot wash to see if it looks like you want and if not to let it run longer.
    Good luck. I think it is cute!