Friday, March 6, 2009


I have had one of those unavoidably crazy-busy weeks. You know, the kind where you find yourself having to squeeze the life out of every single minute? Amidst the hubbub, I have been hauling two items that need to be returned to two different stores around with me in the car in hopes that I could check that to-do off the list at some point.

Last night I had my chance to return one of the items to Macy's. After Chandler's very far away basketball game, the boys and I were heading to meet David and some friends for dinner at a restaurant that is near the mall. I got there five minutes early, and decided to use that time to dash in to make my return. Well dash in I did! Literally.

I successfully navigated my way through the first set of glass doors, but for some reason, the second set of doors completely escaped my notice. At a rush walk, I ran full-force, smack dab into a plate glass window. I actually heard a deafening crack as my nose took the brunt of the impact.

I felt like a cartoon character, blurred, stunned, and in oh-so-much pain. My dear boys didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Graham just said, "Um, mom, that's not a door."

When I finally could move again, Chandler held the door for me and I walked in to the store. At that moment, about four women who had obviously heard/seen my attempt to walk though walls immediately snapped their heads away from me and turned their attention back to their shopping. They each glanced back at me occasionally with looks of pity mingled with amusement. It had to have been pretty funny, so I certainly don't blame them for chuckling at me! I was laughing myself, between sobs.

I made my return (which turned into an exchange, but that's another story) and we headed over to dinner. We had such a nice time with our friends, and I began to forget about my unfortunate encounter. I came home, took some Advil and went to bed. However, at this moment it is 2:32 a.m.--I was awakened by nose-pain. A first for me. I went to the bathroom, turned on the light, and did a double take. My nose is the size (and shape?) of California! Oh bother.

What to do? We promised the boys a ski-day today. I'd hate for my nose to blow it. (ha ha) So I suppose the five of us (David, Graham, Chandler, me, and my nose) will be on Mt. Spokane in the morning. In the meantime, I'm off to ice my nose.


  1. OW!!! Are you sure it wasnt' broken?

  2. Ouch- that hurts. Not only your nose but your pride. Hate that. Hope you are okay.