Sunday, September 6, 2009

7 Things (or maybe 17)

I was tagged in my friend Sharon's Blog to participate in the 7 Things I Love game. I am delighted to take part! For the past two days I have been sick in bed, and all my creativity has been sucked out of me and replaced by snot. I needed a blogging inspiration, and now I have just that.

But perhaps we should all agree to the caveat that this is a list of 7 Things that I Love while tripped out on cold medicine. Just in case I write something weird. Which wouldn't really be all that weird for me, since weird is sort of my normal. Maybe the real fear is that I would write something normal. Anyway, here it goes:

7 Things that I Love:

  1. Vegetarian Miracle Hair Conditioner. (I don't like that it comes in a tub because it gets under my fingernails when I scoop it out, but I suppose it is too thick for a bottle, and its thick consistency is probably the thing that makes it such a great conditioner in the first place.)
  2. The smell of wheat at harvest time. All of Spangle smells musty and earthy this time of year, and I love to throw open all the windows and drink it in.(However, having opened windows at harvest results in a house where every surface is covered with about a quarter inch of dust from the fields. I am thinking of leaving it and just planting an indoor garden for winter.)
  3. Bird nests--real ones from my yard. I have three of them sitting on my shelf of treasures. They go well with my decorating scheme, which pretty much revolves around dirt, sticks, rocks, and rust.
  4. Books. Almost any book. And I prefer to read three or four at a time. Well, I mean not at exactly the same time, that would be crazy, but like, I typically am in the process of reading many different books on any given day. For instance, right now I have bookmarks in The Islands of Divine Music by John Addiego, The Seven Mountain Prophecy by Johnny Enlow, and Too Small Ignore by Wes Stafford.
  5. Roller Coasters, or anything fast for that matter. Downhill skiing, water skiing, German sports cars, hydroplanes, the Blue Angels, and sitting behind David on a motorcycle.
  6. Clean ears. Its a crazy but lasting obsession with me. I should seriously buy stock in Q-Tips.
  7. Silence in all its forms: The hush of an audience just after the orchestra tunes, but before the curtain rises; the stillness of morning when everyone but me is sleeping; the pregnant pause before a great punchline; the weighty anticipation of an answer to a life changing question; the peaceful quiet of a heart at rest.
  8. Can one love too many things? I had to add one more because I forgot to say, "Jesus" who is always the RIGHT answer. He is the giver of all good gifts, the lover of my soul, the joy of my life. So even though He is number 8 on this list, He is number 1 in my heart. But since I am sick I am not going to start over. But if I did start over I might add David, Graham and Chandler in there somewhere, too. Really, maybe this should be 17 Things I Love. Then I could add cucumber-scented candles, guitar-playing boys, designer purses, wooden toys, garden veggies, and people who read my blog. Too cheesy? Chalk it up to the cold medicine.


  1. You are especially witty on cold medicine! And I'm with you on the clean ears thing... just ask my brother! hahaha sorry I'll have to tell you that story some time so you know why I'm laughing.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I LOVE it!! Witty, whimsical, enchanting! And you listed things I've never thought of! Like now I'm wishing that instead of throwing out the (experimental) marinara and spinach sauce because our family seriously tried to choke it down but it was just not happenin, I should have washed my hair with it! smile. Seriously, though, I'm there with you on the books, the scent of wheat harvest, and the sound of silence.