Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Caretaker

You may have gathered from previous posts that I spent the past weekend at a retreat. As the Director of Women's Ministries at my church, I did much of the planning for the retreat, including securing a location. Since I try to keep the costs of the retreat to a minimum, I was blessed when a dear friend offered the use of her spacious home for our event, and I gladly accepted.

Twenty-six of us took in their view, hiked on their land, cooked in their kitchen, ate at their tables, and lounged in their living room. We felt like we had a little taste of heaven.

The owners of the house vacated for most of the weekend--totally giving up their lovely home for us. There was a time, however, when the man of the house stopped in. He was quietly making his way to his room, when someone said to him, "Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your wonderful home."

He smiled and gently replied, "It's God's house. I'm just the caretaker."


  1. Great reminder of who we really are in regards to our property. I find it so easy to get bogged down in what's mine and what is isn't. But none of its mine. It's God's. I'm just the caretaker

  2. Love that- I aspire to be like that- sadly I get it wrong often. What a great example.

  3. Great quote! Thanks for the reminder.