Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did you know...

Did you know that we still have Christmas lights up on our house? In our defense, it snowed today, and somehow the lights did not seem so out of place in April when snow was falling. We are, well, slightly behind in many endeavors. The Easter Bunnies were out in time, but that had more to do with the fact that company was coming to my house than an "on-the-ball" "with-it-ness" of seasonal awareness. I missed Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day altogether in terms of decor, which totally bums me out because I have the most amazing shamrock covered teapot. You know how some stores have "Christmas in July?" Do you think I could have "St. Patrick's Day in May?" One season we didn't dare to miss? Tax season. While I don't do any special decorating in honor of April 15th, our taxes were officially filed on time, thanks to David. I do wonder if Hallmark makes Tax Day cards and kitsch. Its possible.

Did you know that I am the only one in my house that can watch American Idol without having a guitar in my hands? Probably because I don't play guitar. Or because I do not consider American Idol to be a "sing along" or a "play along" show. I find myself saying, "Shhhh, I can't hear the T.V.!!!" Call me crazy, but I actually like to listen to the contestants. Nevertheless, I am starting to feel, I don't know, empty handed during the only T.V. show that we watch in our home on a regular basis. Perhaps I could get a Ukulele. Or a bagpipe. If you can't beat 'em....

Did you know that I think Alcatraz is about the creepiest place I have ever been? It wasn't just the iron bars, the concrete floors, and the very on-display toilets in each cell. (Though the toilets did remind me of a recurring nightmare that I have that involves an ice cream parlor, a public toilet, and a bus-load of Shriners--but that's another story.) I swear there was just a general eeriness about the place. I learned a lot, but it was a lot of stuff that, having no plans to ever "do time in the big house" I could have lived my whole life without knowing. I didn't even feel a glimmer of hope in the inmate library--the library!--the happiest place on earth. How is it possible to not even feel hopeful in a library? It didn't help that I got seasick on the boat going out to the island.

Did you know that I haven't slept in the past three nights? On the bright side, I am getting a lot of praying done. Because as long as I'm up I might as well do something productive and I just can't bring myself to get out there in the snow and take down the Christmas lights. (Do you notice how that was written as if I have ever put up or taken down Christmas lights in my entire life--which I haven't?) So I pray. Lest you think that this is some subtle hint to David to take down the Christmas lights, be assured that I have not an ounce of subtlety in me. I actually only JUST realized that the Christmas lights were still up, and I am somewhat bemused about it. So late at night/early in the morning, Christmas lights just happen to be one of many things that God and I talk about. Not like, "Oh dear Lord, what ever shall I do about my Christmas lights?" Rather, like "Lord, my life is so blessedly full that not only were Christmas lights up on my house for Spring Break, but I think there may still be Thanksgiving leftovers in the Fridge. Please help me to keep up with you, and all you are doing in my life." Thankfully, I think God is a little bemused Himself.

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