Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am at one of those places in life in which I wish I could push the pause button. Or at least the slow-motion button. As I sat at a Starbucks on Fisherman's Wharf with my family last Sunday morning, I actually began to tear up, overwhelmed by the depth of emotion packed into an ordinary, everday moment. Breakfast with my boys--adventure looming before us--made me keenly aware of how very quickly the days of parenthood are passing.

Words cannot express the delight that I have in simply sharing my life with my boys! They are engaging and engaged, interesting and interested, teacher and student, courageous and cautious, masterpieces, and yet, still works of art in progress. I see the fingerprints of God all over them.

I must suck the marrow out of every minute. Carpe Diem even the dullest of days. I am certainly savoring this sweet season of life. The dawn of teen years herald the imminence of adulthood, and ultimately, the independence that is the hopeful, yet somehow melancholy goal that passionate parents have for their progeny. Someday Graham and Chandler will break out to be the men that God has called them to be, no longer heeding my instruction, but following the call of their creator. They are already showing signs of manhood that both bless and pain me. I trust the Lord is also preparing me for their eventual launch into the world. I trust that when it is time, I will fully release them. Even now, I must hold them in an open hand.

But today, they are still my boys. And I am savoring the joy of being their mom.


  1. Wonderfully said!!!

  2. Right there with you... it's going by so fast now. I'll be praying for both our hearts.

  3. Jenn--- This is so right on. Just so sweet to be totally plugged in and present! Time will keep on zipping past and they will keep on growing and changing, but it is vital to max out on each moment along the way. Do not stop--- It gets even more fun!