Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wisla, Poland

We are currently nestled in the mountains of Poland at a lovely hotel with 300 other GEM missionaries who are all here for our organization's annual conference. Meanwhile, Graham and Chandler are at a Youth conference at a different hotel in the same town with all of the 13-18 year old GEM missionary kids. I haven't seen or heard from them in two days, but I have been told by some of the youth leaders that they are having a wonderful time and making great friends.

Our conference has been TOTALLY inspiring. There is more to tell than I have time to share at the moment, but I am overwhelmed with the feeling that we are dead center in the middle of God's plan for our lives. We have vision, passion, and tremendous hope. These things are critical because in all other possible ways--mentally, emotionally, and physically--we are completely out of our element. For example:
  • I am 39 years and last week someone had to show me how to fill out a bank deposit slip.
  • Our field leader had to "babysit" us through the rental application process because of the language barrier.
  • AND, as IF having a language barrier were not alienating enough, I do not even understand French pictures. Here is a road sign we often pass. What, oh what, do you think it means?


  1. "Be carefull, your car could overheat/catch fire"
    Can't wait to hear what it is. Sounds like the conference couldn't have come at a better time (hmm, God's timing????). What a great start to your field work.

  2. "Warning: Meteor-crashing zone, next 200 kilometers."
    Sounds like a fantabulous time! How long are you at the conference?

  3. Well, um, since there is not a diagonal line thru the circle, I'm guessing it means, "Car fires allowed here". Kinda like the "Smoking Area" signs.

  4. How about, "Suggested direction for vehicles transporting flammable materials." :)

  5. ok I'll add another possibility...How about Caution, watch for oncoming cars that are on fire??? LOL Let us know...and please keep us posted..You are missed!