Monday, August 23, 2010

Things in France that Make Me Smile

We spend a lot of time driving from the north side of Paris (where are are staying) to the south side of Paris (where we are looking for housing). We never go directly through Paris--which would be a traffic nightmare--we always skirt around it. Nevertheless, as we drive I often catch a glimpse of this beautiful icon. And EVERY time I see it, I smile. Wouldn't you?

On a sunny Thursday at Versailles, we saw this adorable couple dashing through the gardens. I do not know if they were there just for pictures or if they had actually been married somewhere on the grounds. Either way, it was the essence of romance! And even though I have no idea who they are, when I saw them I just had to smile.Wouldn't you?

I recently received my debit card from our French bank, and much to my delight, my name appeared with the title MME, as in madame! I love being Mrs. Williamson, but MME J Williamson sounds even more delicious. This is one of those little things that makes the move to France seem real at last, and for that reason, when I saw my bank card, I smiled. Wouldn't you?

Oh the bread! Certainly I do not need to tell you how scrumptious the bread is in France. I knew this from our previous visits. What I hadn't realized it how wonderfully CHEAP it is. Can you see the price below? A LARGE baguette costs a measly 45 euro cents. Other things that are surprisingly cheap? Wine (most wines are about 3-4 euros a bottle), GOOD cheese (unbelievably good cheese costs about half of what we paid for similar cheeses at Costco), and olive oil soap (which is about 1 euro a bar). When we buy those things we smile. Wouldn't you?

All over France, in cute little boutiques along ancient looking streets, we often see plastic-ware with this label: ZAK Designs. These products, which appear to be hot sellers in France, are made by a company in Spokane, WA--our home in the USA. So whenever we see ZAK Designs, we feel little tug of nostalgia and we smile. Wouldn't you?


  1. Your post makes me smile! (How do you say that in French?) :-) <universal sign for "smile!" Love you. Carole

  2. The thing in France that makes me smile is YOU! Missing you - getting Skype up and running so I can chat with you. Luv ya!