Monday, August 30, 2010

Falling with Style

We continue to be without a permanent address, and if I may be candid, I am really weary from this battle. I know the truth, which is that God has it all under control. I trust Him. I know that in His perfect timing He will reveal the answer to our housing question. I even know that TODAY, in the midst of the waiting, He is at work in us and through us and for us.

But I am weary.

I wait on the Lord, but I do not feel like I am soaring on wings like eagles--no, I am definitely not soaring. How can I experience the promises from Isaiah 40:31?

I just finished reading the final book in the Narnia series: The Last Battle. In that book the children are able to run forever without growing tired or breathless. Somehow they had accessed Aslan's endless strength. They did not grow weary. They renewed their strength.

Not me. I am completely winded from this race, and the finish line is nowhere in sight.

After our last rental application was denied, my dad sent me a two word instant message on Skype: "Chin up!"

Chin up.

And somehow, at his gentle command, I could do it--with tears in my eyes, but a determined strength in my heart.

That dad is camping this week, but I have another Father who speaks the same words to my slumping spirit as I type: "Chin up."

His goodness makes it desirable, while His strength makes it possible.

And when my chin is up, my eyes are no longer fixed on my feet of clay, but on His arms of love.

I still don't feel like I'm flying, but maybe, like the beloved Buzz Lightyear, I am at least falling with style. And I trust that if I never get to flying, my Jesus will always catch me when I fall.

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  1. Oh, I can so relate to this at the moment. Waiting for hubby to get a job and for us to get a home. I do feel weary and drained. But it only takes one little miracle for it all to change, so I wait, and I pray.