Monday, April 11, 2011


During our time in Frankfurt, we were blessed by the wonderful hospitality of some of our GEM associates. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how quickly perfect strangers can become cherished friends! I was overwhelmed by the fabulous meals we enjoyed, the lively conversations we had, and the wonderful Sunday afternoon walk that we took. Here is a picture of me with my new friend, Wendy.

Our Church Planting Course ended at 12:30 this afternoon, but our flight back to Paris doesn't depart until 20:30, which means that we had a few hours to explore the historic/modern city of Frankfurt. We walked for hours, ate Thai food for lunch, explored ancient ruins, strolled along the Rhine, and shopped in the pedestrian zone where we bought our traditional travel souvenir: a deck of playing cards.

David and I spent the day hand in hand, reflecting on all of the things that we learned while wondering, hoping, imagining what God might have planned for France. We were mostly feeling humbled. Humbled because we met several French Christians over the weekend, and each one thanked us (THANKED us!) for coming to Europe to help reach their country with the love of Jesus. They want us to be here. They want our help. I am so very, very humbled by their gratitude.

We want to be here, too. Perhaps now more than ever.

I am now sitting in the airport waiting to board our plane, and looking forward to the next few days of training. Though I think my head and my heart are getting so full that they just might explode!

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