Sunday, May 22, 2011

Five Fun (Unrelated) Facts

1. I am seriously thinking about getting a puppy. I would like to get one in August, when I will have time to dedicate to bonding and training. Since most puppies need to stay with their mama for about 8 weeks, I will be looking at litters born in June. By the way, did you know that there are laws that govern the naming of purebred dogs in France? Each calendar year is assigned a letter of the alphabet, and dogs must be given a name that begins with the letter assigned to the year of their birth. The letter for 2011 is "G." When we have chosen a puppy, I will post an opinion poll so that you can vote on the name of our dog.

2. Graham recently declared, while discussing the fact that he has Scottish blood in his veins, "I ain't got no bagpipin' in me!"                                                                                                                
3. David and I have made three attempts to renew our Carte de Sejour--which is our long-term visa. We have not been denied; rather, it has taken us three attempts to simply figure out the procedure. One day we stood in line for 2 hours, not moving one inch. We finally left because it was time to go and pick up our boys from school. We now believe that we understand the process, and will make another go at it on a day when we have the needed fortitude for lines and paper work. 

4. French Mother's Day is next Sunday. David will be in Basil, Switzerland at a church planting conference. 
No worries, because we celebrated American Mother's Day a few weeks ago, and my boys totally spoiled me! They ordered me a KINDLE. My Kindle will be delivered in June, and I can hardly wait. I feel like I have been on a literature starvation diet for the past 10 months.

5. Our family is on a cookie dough kick. Why, oh why, does the dough taste so much better than the cookies?


    1. I was blog hopping and found your blog. Happy Mother's Day in France! :) I have a Nook and love it! Your blog is pretty cool! God is an awesome leader isn't He?

    2. Well, I'm still a little undecided on the dough/cookie taste debate. I love the dough and I love the cookies when cooled "just right." Some varieties of cookies are better dough and some are better cookies. Sometimes I think it's just what mood we're in!

    3. About the cookie dough ...Gregg says he has joined the "being green" thing in one aspect....that being,...eating cookie is, after all, the green heating of oven etc....

    4. Jenn,
      Have you ever read any of the Knitting Harlot books? She is a fun,really light read. Anyway, she always carries some knitting project with her for lines and waits. (in one of her books, she tells about her ball of expensive sock yarn falling and rolling across the floor, then into an open elevator and the doors closing on the small strand of yarn!)
      Anyway, you could probably crochet a hat or scrap while waiting in the renewal line! :)

    5. Kasi, thanks for stopping by. Anne, you are probably right, mood has a lot to do with it! Keri, I adore that husband of yours! and Penny, I have not read those books, should I get them for my Kindle?