Thursday, May 12, 2011


See this darling village? It is called Loches, and it 268 Kilometers South of Paris. We spent the day there yesterday with two main objectives:
  1. We toured a Bi-lingual International school to discover if it would meet the needs of our children.
  2. We met with a couple who have a vision (and a plan) to plant churches all across France. We wanted to discover if we might be able to engage in, support, and/or further their efforts.
Both objectives were met with positive findings.

We are hopeful, excited, and encouraged. It seems like God has given us a glimpse of His plans for us. My mind is wild with activity, but the words to a song are crying out above the clamor:

Jesus, lead on! We will follow.

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  1. So much to look forward to for your ministry and family! Will watch and wait, along with you, as God's plan reveals itself. Exciting time! We love you-- Darwin and Becky