Monday, May 16, 2011

More on School

Remember this post? The one where we outlined all of the schooling options that we have for our boys? We may have found our answer. After touring several schools that quickly got crossed off of our list, we finally found one that appears to be a viable option.

Last week we visited a bi-lingual school in Loches, and it seems like it might be a good fit for Graham and Chandler. It is a private school that can provide the boys with some on-going support for learning French as a second language; yet, it has also has an option which would enable the boys to take up to three classes per year in English. Upon completion, they would be eligible for a French or a European  Baccalaureate. Academically, this school meets all of our needs.

We could (and would plan to) live close enough to the school for the boys to come home for lunch everyday. Such proximity would also allow for our house to become a gathering place for their friends--which would be pure JOY to David and me. Many of the students who attend this school are the children of government officials and bureaucrats. We learned that our children would be interacting with the future leaders of France. What if Graham and Chandler have the opportunity to share Jesus with the future president of France? With the son of a current world leader? With the teachers who are educating this country's future leaders? Imagine the impact our boys could have! 

There is a tuition, and while it is fairly modest, we would need to seek more support in order to be able to afford it. If this is where God wants our boys, the money will be there. He is a good provider. 

The thing that absolutely blows my mind is the fact that in this village of 7000 people, in the very village that has a school for our boys, there is an incredible ministry opportunity for David and me. It is an opportunity that maximizes our gifts and challenges our capabilities. It is an opportunity that will take us out of our comfort zone and require that we learn and grow in new ways. It is an opportunity that is much bigger than we dared to imagine or think. MUCH bigger. It is an opportunity that I will write more about tomorrow.  

For now, we ask that you please pray for confirmation concerning our decision about this school. We are sensing the leading of the Lord, but we want to be sure.


  1. We are definately praying! LOVE you!

  2. Praying! Such amazing opportunity!!

  3. We pray for you each morning before we start school. We will continue and love having specific things to pray for!

  4. I am so thrilled with this opportunity for all of you. I am so excited that you are feeling so excited. God is so good! I will be praying for you and for God's direction. Love you friend.