Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ain't Missin' You

People often ask me what I miss most from the States. Of course there are some things that I long for from home, most of which either have names and faces or are magically delicious. But lately I have been surprised by the realization that there are some things that I really DON'T miss. Things that were a big part of my day to day life back home.

It is funny to me, for example, that I have not had a sip of Starbucks Coffee in almost a year. I used to go to Starbucks twice a week. Okay, maybe twice a day. Whatever. Let's just say, I went to Starbucks a lot when I lived in Washington. It was what some might call a "habit." But without experiencing any separation anxiety, with ZERO withdrawal symptoms, I have survived (almost) a year without Starbucks. I have not, in any way, given up coffee. Rather, I have discovered the French way of enjoying coffee--VERY strong in teeny tiny cups--and I have discovered that I actually PREFER French coffee that I can brew in the comfort of my own home to my old Starbucks stand-bys. So, dear vendor of the Venti Latte, I bid you, "Adieu!" You aren't even missed.

What else am I surprised to be living happily without?

I am surprised to feel so liberated by having only one car. I thought it would be limiting, but it is, in fact, quite freeing to only be responsible for the care and upkeep of one vehicle.The public transportation systems in Europe are so fantastic that we prefer to use them when at all possible. And if we need to go in two (or three?) different directions, there is always a solution. For example, David has a lunch meeting today in Paris, but the boys need to get picked up from school at 12:30. No problem. David will take the train into Paris for his meeting and I will have the car to pick up the boys. I hope we never need two cars again.

Finally, I am delighted to have discovered that I don't miss sour cream. I don't miss sour cream because crème fraîche is not just a decent substitute, it is a superior replacement. I have tried to figure out the difference between the two, and from what I can find it appears that crème fraîche has more fat and is slightly less soured. It also doesn't separate when it is cooked. I am one who used to buy the big tub of sour cream at Costco, and we would easily get through it all before it went bad. I was sure that I would miss sour cream. But I don't. Not one bit. 


  1. So fun to read what you don't miss! AND kinda surprising - nicely surprising!
    I miss replacement there! - but am quite content knowing you're where God wants you!
    Hope you have a lovely day - enjoying many things about where you are!

  2. It helps (regarding the sour cream), that Mexican food is also missing from the French diet - that's where 90% of our sour cream goes :-) Still planning on getting you a box or 2 of Lucky Charms - Im sure you ARE missing those! :-)