Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bienvenue Chez Williamson

We needed a house in Loches....

We wanted a house with a guest room....

We hoped for a house that would have a game/music room....

We prayed for a house that could be used to bless the youth in Loches, preferably near to the boys' school: A home that would become gathering place, a God-filled place, a grace-full place.

And this is the Lord's generous answer:

It has 5 (FIVE!) bedrooms, a giant living room, and a downright palatial dining room. The rent is $200 month less (LESS!) than we are currently paying for our two bedroom apartment. It is located right (RIGHT!) across the street from St. Denis--the boys' school. God is so good!

Today we signed the lease, but our move-in date is not until September 15.

And the little village of Loches is charming beyond words. I mean, seriously, don't you want to come and visit this medieval city?

Our door is open! Our guest room is available! We are now taking reservations for the fall. Bienvenue Chez Williamson!


  1. God is so awesome! Congratulations!
    Anne Dresel

  2. Wow, that's a beautiful home! I'm really excited for you guys. Congratulations!

  3. Getting my calendar out! God is so awesome! (And the Williamsons are pretty cool, too!)

  4. Wow. Amazing. Beautiful. Exciting. Thrilling. Adorable. Stupendous.
    Hip-hip hooray! I love it!!

  5. OOOh, OOoh pick me, pick me!! With all the castles, Abby would LOVE to visit. And well, myself, I would be happy with cheese, bread, and museums :)

    Oh a serious note... we have prayed every morning for this and I cannot wait to tell the children tomorrow. They are going to be thrilled!! No good thing does the Lord withhold from those that walk uprightly (Ps 84:11)