Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Chandler has a headlamp which he uses often. It cracks me up. Truth be told, it's one of the reasons I have failed to buy the boys a light for their room--because I get a kick out of Chandler wearing his headlamp. He never complains about the lack of light. He hardly seems to notice the inconvenience. The sun sets, and he straps on his headlamp. Problem solved. Second children are so accommodating.

David just bought his first pair of jeans in Europe--having worn holes in unseemly places in all the pairs of jeans that he brought from the States. He bought his new jeans at Cora, which is basically the French version of a Super Walmart in that it has everything from appliances to clothes to books to groceries. Only differences are that there are no greeters, it is not inexpensive, and the employees wear roller blades. But Cora is no Nordstrom, if you get my drift. Anyways, these new jeans (which were moderately priced) may be the best looking pair of dungarees I've ever seen on my man. French jeans. From Cora. Who knew?

The puppy search is on hold. It seems that between moving and travel plans, there is not enough time for a new pet in our immediate future. So I am happy to wait. Jack does his best to spread his affection between us, and I find myself beyond grateful for that silly orange cat.

The other day, when we had our electronic keyboard set up, I started playing an OLD Keith Green song. It was not a song that my kids have ever heard. After listening for just a moment, Graham started playing along, creating this wonderful guitar solo over the chords that I was playing. Spontaneously. Effortlessly. Playfully. I caught David's eye, we shook our heads. Where does talent like that come from?

As for me, I am deliriously happy with my new kindle and the abundance of free books available from I have already read Jane Austen's Emma, and I am working on Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days in French. Yes, in French. Amazing.


  1. Could reading The Three Muskateers in French be far behind? Sounds like you would recommend the Kindle?

  2. Hi Jenn!

    Our Kindle has been such a blessing here in Thailand. We too are enjoying free and almost free books on Kindle.

    We love following your adventures.