Friday, August 19, 2011


We currently have one of my sons' best friends visiting from the States, and it has been SO MUCH FUN!

We are making sure to do all of the tourist-y things, for example, the boys went on a four hour bike tour of Paris on Monday morning. We have been to the top of La Tour Eiffel, to the Louvre, to Notre Dame, and even out to Le Mont Saint Michel. However... FAVORITE part of this visit has been our "down" days. We spend every other day just hanging out at our place. We have all played card games together. Sometimes the guys watch a soccer match. Often they pick up guitars and make some music. 

The past year we have been a little isolated. While learning the language it was difficult for us and our kids to forge meaningful friendships. This visit from their friend has reminded me how much I LOVE having teen-aged boys in the house. I love their jokes, I love to feed them, I love to be a part of their conversations. 

I am so hopeful that our boys will make good friends when we move to Loches and that once again we will have a house that is OFTEN full of teenagers.Teenagers with whom we can share the Gospel and the love of God. That would be my greatest joy!

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