Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Many Thanks

Many thanks to those of you who sent me words of comfort!

Many thanks to those of you who shared your stories with me!

Many thanks to those of you who, like Chandler, pointed me back to the truth!

Many thanks to those of you who reminded me of God's faithfulness!

Many thanks to the one who suggested that I may be suffering from the early stages of menopause!--actually, I really wasn't ready to hear that idea, but I accept it as a very possible explanation for my tears. I am certainly NOT immune to the effects of hormones. 

Many thanks to David, whose patience is beyond my understanding.

Many thanks to Graham and Chandler, who have been exceedingly gentle and kind in the midst of my moodiness.

Many thanks to God, who hears my prayers, picks me up from the miry pit, and sets me back on my feet. He is always worth the wait. 

I'm still a bit wobbly, but I'm standing.

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