Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This Christmas I decided I would make a small gift to put in each of my boys' stockings. 

For David, I made this scarf. I am a beginning knitter, so I followed a very simple pattern that I found in a knitting book that a friend gave to me before we left the States. I made it during the weekend that he and Graham were out of town at a concert. I had hoped to make him a matching hat, but I never could find the right sized needles.  The scarf is far from perfect, but it was made with love, and David seems to like it.

For Graham, I crocheted these gunmetal grey finger-less mitts. I made them on a day when David and I took the train to Paris for a church-planting training seminar...I crocheted one mitt going up, the other coming home. It was a fun, quick project, and Graham loves them! I followed a pattern that was available for free on-line. 

But without a doubt, my FAVORITE project of the season was the Angry Bird hat that I crocheted for my video-game-loving son, Chandler. I finished this project during Chandler's last days of school before the Christmas break.

 Pattern found here:
I admire pattern-makers, as I would never be able to create a pattern. So I do not mean to sound critical when I tell you that this pattern is a bit rough around the edges; that is to say, it had some errors in it. I would only recommend it to experienced crocheters, who will be able to read between the lines and figure out some missing information in order to make it work. Also, at David and Graham's advice, I made the beak on Chandler's hat smaller than the one in the pattern.

Here is Chan decked out in all his favorite Christmas goodies: A hoodie from Grandma Jan, an airsoft gun and goggles from Dad, and the Angry Bird hat that he found in his stocking. 

Want to venture a guess as to what David gave me for Christmas? He gave me a gift certificate to the local yarn shop! What should I make next?

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  1. Jenn, they are great! I've been looking at patterns for fingerless gloves. Those look great.
    Was that where the shiner came from? Did you fall asleep crocheting and hit your hook?
    Have a wonderful New Year, friend.