Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whatcha Don't Know...

You already know that our first Christmas tree tuned out to be a disaster.

Whatcha don't know is that we actually un-decorated it, took it down, and put up a SECOND Christmas tree. David believes that the problem lies in the fact that the French do not sell tree stands that allow for the tree to be watered. Within 10 days of buying our first tree it had lost 50% of its needles and it looked like a fire hazard. David figured out a way to get some water to the second tree, and it still looked pretty good Christmas morning. 

You already know that my boys are smart cookies.

Whatcha don't know is that Chandler made le tableau d'honneur (Honor Roll!) at school. At FRENCH school, where he is doing 90% of his class work in FRENCH! This achievement represents a heap of hard work, a pile of prayers, and a gathering of grace. Way to go Chan.

You know that I LOVE to cook and that we like having a full table for holiday celebrations.

Whatcha don't know is that we were blessed to have 12 people at our home for Christmas dinner: 4 Williamsons, a fabulous family of 6 (friends from Spokane who currently live in Germany), one of the American interns from the school across the street, and the intern's mother, who was in France visiting him for the holidays.

I would count this Christmas among my all-time favorite Christmases. Highlights included working together as a family on a Carol Service for church, receiving wonderful letters and family photos in the mail (they're still coming!), seeing the boys--by their own volition and with their own money--buy thoughtful gifts for each other, and a lovely, memory-making 3 day visit with the aforementioned cherished friends.

You know I enjoy writing about our adventures.

Whatcha don't know is how much I love and appreciate your feedback, prayers, and well-wishes. Thanks for your support in 2011!

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas-time! Congrats to Chan for making the honor roll - that's awesome! :-)
    Love and miss you!