Thursday, August 23, 2012


Today we toured the château at Chenonceau--which is about 45 minutes from Loches, on the Cher river. It is my favorite château in France, but of course, I've only seen nine or ten of them. Elegantly designed, richly furnished, and uniquely situated, it is no wonder that kings and queens sought to own it for centuries.

The château is built across the river, and every room affords breathtaking views of the Loire valley. It is unbelievably enchanting.

In addition to the phenomenal architecture and well-maintained period furnishings, every room in Chenonceau boasts fresh, fragrant floral arrangements.

But even MORE amazing than the floral arrangements is the fact that ALL of the flowers are grown on site, in a farm that has been operating since the 16th century. The farm also has vegetables, which are used for the meals that are served in the restaurant that is located on the grounds! 

Most châteaux have formal, manicured gardens, as does Chenonceau. But this is the first château I've seen with working gardens. My dad would LOVE this! I find it absolutely wonderful.


  1. Beautiful! Looks like your anniversary week is going wonderfully! Happy Anniversary (yesterday...I know)! Glad you're enjoying so much of your local beauty!

  2. I love Chenonceau. I remember going there FOREVER ago! So much fun!