Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wonderful Grace of Jesus!

I love that moment when, after flailing around like a drowning child in a vast ocean, I finally latch on to the life ring: the wonderful grace of Jesus.

All-sufficient grace for even me (for even me!)

He is SO good! And no matter how often I blow it; no matter how great the offense; no matter how long I tarried in my wayward state--his grace is still enough.

Broader than the scope of my transgressions (sing it!)

The old hymn, a family favorite, marches through my head and ministers to my heart; words that confidently proclaim a truth that I cannot fully comprehend, even though that very truth is active in my life, renewing my mind, filling my spirit. After announcing the enormity of his grace, it concludes with this exhortation:

Oh magnify the precious name of Jesus
Praise his name!

How else could one respond to the Wonderful Grace of Jesus?

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