Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'll take that "To Go!"

Some ministry partners/friends left yesterday morning, and our next guest does not arrive until a week from today. Our home is strangely quiet and a little messy, and that's okay with me. Ministry continues, but there is something nice about having our home as a haven instead of a hostel for the next few days.

In the past three months we have had 8 family groups (31 individuals) for overnight visits including meals. We have also had the joy of preparing at least one meal for an additional 50 people over six different occasions. Next month our guest room will be occupied for 12 nights. I am smiling as a type these numbers--God's grace abounds through the company of others. We delight in being able to share our lives and ministry with those whom God brings to our home.

Between now and the arrival of our next house guest we will catch up on paperwork (self-evaluations for our annual review with GEM), housework (changing sheets and towels in the guest room), and soulwork (extended time in the Word). We will also begin the process of renewing our long-stay visas, we will travel to Paris for Graham to take the SAT, we will go to the US Embassy to renew the boys' passports (which expire next month), and we will try to figure out why I have a red bumpy rash on my right arm.

In the midst of having guests, most of our regular ministry activity continues as usual.

But today we claimed as a day of rest--a much-needed mid-week Sabbath! The restfulness of the moment is rejuvenating, and I'm taking full advantage of it--short-lived though it may be. Sometimes God's refreshment is like a long banquet, where I sit and savor the sweetness of his rest over several days. Other times it comes in the form of a drive-through dinner, gobbled on the go, but satisfying just same. Today I am having some rest on the run. It won't be luxurious or extravagant, but it will fuel me for what lies ahead. I'm so thankful that his mercies are new every morning.


  1. I hope you are more refreshed than normal in the time you have! Thank you so much for being open to visitors!

  2. Looking forward to several super special visitors coming this month!